Last chemo treatment

Kayla finished her last chemo treatment yesterday.  We were blessed to have my dad and stepmom here with us.  We were blessed to have a wonderful oncology nurse give Kayla her last treatment.  The nurse was an older woman and we’d never had her before.  She gave Kayla a hug and she talked to Kayla about her future and what she’d like to do.  The staff gave us horns to blow as we walked out, and it felt like a parade.  Last night our family went out for dinner to celebrate: David, Kayla, Haley and I, along with my dad and stepmom, Kayla’s boyfriend, and Haley’s best friend.  It was a pretty awesome day.

This isn’t officially over yet, though.  We don’t know for sure yet if Kayla is cancer free.  Although her blood tests and recent CT looked very promising, we just don’t know.  Kayla will go back for follow-up on December 3rd.  On December 3rd, we will know.

In the meantime, as long as Kayla stays healthy, we can hopefully avoid any hospital visits for the whole month of November.  Kayla’s body has taken a toll.  It will be good for her to rest and get a break from the medications. The steroids to help with nausea have made her look puffy and suffer from insomnia.  She can walk for a mile and a half, but for her it feels like she walked 10 miles.  Her belly is still swollen from the two surgeries she had.  The doctors assure her that her flat belly will come back.  More than anything, Kayla is anxious for her hair to grow back!

My body took a toll as well.  Before July 1st when all of this started, I was really excited about where my fitness level was at.  I had recently completed a marathon and I was excited about doing several more smaller races throughout the year.  I was leveling up my nutrition and feeling really good.  Now I feel like I’m starting back to square one.  But that’s okay.  I’m setting my sights on the Chicago marathon next year.  Having goals excites and motivates me.  I plan on revamping my blog.  Living a healthy lifestyle has become such a big part of who I am and I want to influence and motivate others to live healthy as well.

But until December 3rd, when we know how Kayla is doing, it will be difficult to completely return to normal life.  It will be hard to give my 100% to anything.

We need continued prayers.  Prayers that Kayla will be healed.  Prayers for continued strength for our family.

Courage for Kayla!

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