The last couple of days have been a bit emotional for me.  This is Kayla’s last week of inpatient chemotherapy treatment.  Our family is happy, excited, and relieved to have this ordeal almost finished.  When Kayla was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer, we honestly didn’t know how we would get through it.  I’m not normally what you would consider a religious person.  I haven’t been to church for a really long time.  However, I do pray and for quite a while, I’ve made a practice of telling God what I’m grateful for each night before I fall asleep.  So when we received Kayla’s diagnosis, we prayed.  And our friends and family, and people that we didn’t even know, prayed.

God sent us exactly what we needed.  He sent us an expert medical team of doctors and nurses.  These people not only are experts in the oncology field, but they are also the kindest, most compassionate people we’ve ever met.

God sent us family and friends who knew just what to say and what to do to get us through this.

I shed a few tears yesterday and I’m sure I’ll shed some more today.  They are tears of joy and tears of gratitude.  We will miss the nurses and nursing assistants who took such great care of Kayla during her inpatient stays.  We got to know many of these people really well and it’s been really hard saying goodbye to them.  I started looking back at how our community rallied around Kayla and our family, and how family members and friends seemed to know when we needed a visit or a text or phone call.   There were times when I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough for Kayla and then I’d get an encouraging message from someone.

Throughout Kayla’s illness, I’ve had one mantra:  Have faith.  I had faith in the doctors, faith in the nurses, and faith in my family and friends.  Most importantly, I had faith in God, that He would help us get through this.

We are not done with our journey yet.  Kayla still has a couple more outpatient chemo treatments, and then she will be reassessed in late November or early December to see where things stand.  But we have faith that she will be cancer free, if not after this final round of treatment, then some day in the near future.  Whatever happens, we will face it together as a family, and God will send us the strength and people that we need to get through it.

I have faith.

Courage for Kayla!

6 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Your blogs have been so real, and completely from your heart. Thank you for sharing so openly. I’m a runner/plant based follower of yours from before all this started. Your family has been in my prayers as well!


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