End of Round 3

I haven’t been blogging for a while.  Our family has settled into this weird sort of normal routine involving taking Kayla to her medical appointments, fitting work in between, and enjoying the days when Kayla is feeling good.  Two weeks ago, Kayla was having a really great week, probably the best she has had since her cancer diagnosis.  She was able to go back to work a couple of hours for two days; she went out with her friends.  David and I got to go out for dinner, and I even managed to run a 5k race – and placed second in my age group!

This week, we’re back to watching Kayla struggle.  Her white blood cell count is extremely low again, so she had to have three Neupogen injections this week.  I hate these damn things.  Basically the medicine yanks the white cells out of Kayla’s bone marrow, which makes her feel like the walking dead.  She aches all over, she’s tired all of the time, and basically just feels like shit.

It has been a beautiful weekend.  We’ve pretty much spent the entire weekend out in the back yard.  The leaves are falling and the temps have been in the 70’s.  Our oldest daughter had to go out of town for a wedding this weekend, so we got to have our four-legged grandkid over for the weekend.


Maggie is such a sweetheart and we’ve enjoyed having her.  I think she loves being here, too.  We spent all day outside yesterday and are sitting outside right now and Grandpa is playing with her.  I think Haley will be taking home one pooped out pup tonight!

Kayla, however, has not been able to enjoy this beautiful fall weather.  Kayla has basically slept all weekend because it’s all her poor body will allow her to do right now.  It sucks for her.  It sucks for us to watch.

Tomorrow we head back to the hospital for her final scheduled inpatient chemotherapy.  Round 4.  Last round.  We’re almost there.  Only three more weeks to go.

Courage for Kayla!

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