Water Reminder App

For the most part, I drink quite a bit of water.  However, lately I’ve been slacking off a bit. I’ve been drinking a lot more coffee, especially when we’re in the hospital a lot.  I also confess that I’ve been drinking quite a bit of…ahem…wine and beer.  I recently found an app for my phone that has me back on track drinking my 8 glasses of water of day.

It’s called Plant Nanny, and I love it!


You adopt a plant and then you “water” it every time you drink a glass of water.  Each day that you drink all of your water, the plant will grow.  When it gets big enough to transfer to your garden, you get another plant to grow.

No, the plants aren’t real. But they are damn cute, and as someone who can’t keep a real plant alive, it’s exciting to be able to watch these cute little plants flourish and smile just by drinking my water.  You can name your plants; earn enough points to upgrade their pots to grow in; and a reminder pops up on your phone when your plant is due for a drink of water.

I don’t normally play games on my phone, but I absolutely love this app!

Now, if they could just figure out an app like this that will motivate me to eat better…..

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