Sunday update

First of all, I just want to express my gratitude for everyone who donated to our GoFundMe.  I’m thankful that my cousin set this up for us.  It’s hard to ask people for money, but the more I talk to people, the more I know we’ll be glad to have these funds.  Although we have really good insurance through my job, David and I will have days of work without pay.  There are also little expenses that seem to add up during Kayla’s hospital visits: parking, meals, gas, etc.  Although Kayla’s initial chemotherapy treatment will be for 9 weeks, we just don’t know what will happen after that.  If the cancer completely goes away with this first round of treatment, AWESOME.  But we also have to consider that more treatment may be needed and so having a fund to help us financially gives my husband and me less to worry about.

Thank you.  A million times, THANK YOU!

In the meantime, we are making preparations for Kayla’s first week of chemotherapy that starts tomorrow.  She will be inpatient for the first week, as they want to give her a continuous infusion for the first five days.  I’m prepping meals to take with us so that David and I can keep eating at restaurants and hospital cafeterias at a minimum.  Friends are bringing us food as well.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and grabbed Kayla some healthy snacks that she can graze on while she’s in the hospital.  We have coloring books, a laptop to watch Netflix marathons, and books to read to keep us entertained.

Kayla continues to heal from her surgery.  Her stomach is really sore, so it’s still hard for her to get around.  She tires easily.  Her spirits remain high, though.  She has a great group of family and friends who love and support her.  She has a boyfriend who is a huge source of love and support.  She went to her first wedding yesterday and was so excited.  She got to dress up and was looking forward to dancing and having a good time at the reception, even though she would be in a wheelchair.  I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Workouts for me have been sporadic.  I got in a couple of runs this week, but to be honest, I lack motivation right now.  I know that running is good for me, both physically and mentally, but it’s hard to get going.  I don’t know how much I’ll be able to run this week while Kayla is in the hospital.  If I want, I’m sure I can get away for a break and get in a run if I want to, but I know I won’t want to.  I can barely sneak away long enough to shower and change clothes.  I just don’t want to be away from Kayla.  I’m her mom and I want to be with her to make sure she’s doing okay and to care for her when she needs me.

I can still focus on my nutrition, however.  Today I’ll prep some healthy meals and snacks that I can take with me to the hospital each day.  I’ll drink lots of water.  I’ll try to get in some walks throughout the day.  I just want to do what I can to stay healthy and strong for Kayla and my family.

Please continue to keep Kayla in your thoughts and prayers.  Pray that she kicks this cancer’s ass, that she gets through this chemotherapy without problems.  Pray for strength, faith, hope, and positivity for her and her family.


7 thoughts on “Sunday update

  1. Praying, praying, praying. I’m gonna start running for you Tammi. I’ve been terrible about running this summer and have really not felt good because of it. Too many other tempatations. I think that a 5k 3 times a week is a good place to start.

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