Tattoo of courage and strength

I added 26.2 (and 5K) to my running carrot tattoo last night:


With everything going on right now, I debated putting it off, but I had the appointment made weeks before we found out about Kayla’s illness and I decided to go ahead and get it done before Kayla has her surgery next week.

This tattoo means so much more than the fact that I started my running journey with a 5K that has taken me all the way to a marathon eating a plant-based diet.  This tattoo represents my hard work, my training, my blood, sweat and tears, my perseverance, my courage, and my strength.  I will need all of these same qualities for the weeks ahead for Kayla.  Courage for Kayla.  Strength for Kayla.  Perseverance for Kayla.

Kayla has been with me throughout my running journey, encouraging me, telling me I can do it.  She was there when I finished my first half-marathon and she was there when I finished my marathon.  I will now be with her as she fights her battle with cancer.  I will be there to encourage her, to comfort her, and tell her she can do it when she feels too tired to go on.  I will be there to pick her up when she falls and doesn’t think she can get up.

And when there are times when I feel like breaking down, when I can’t find the strength to face the upcoming challenges, I will look at my tattoo and remind myself that YES, I am strong enough.  YES, I am brave enough.

I will be with Kayla every step of the way, and I will be with her when she crosses the finish line in victory!  Cancer will not win.  Kayla will win.

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