Friday night ER visit

We didn’t start out the weekend in a fun way.  Late Friday afternoon, Kayla started having intense stomach pain.  I was at work, but luckily my husband was home and so he called the doctor’s office and the nurse instructed him to take Kayla to the ER, since it was too late in the day to come to clinic.

It was a 4-5 hour wait in the ER.  Seriously???  My husband got on the phone, called the after-hours number for the doctor’s office and I don’t know who he spoke to, but not more than 10 minutes later, Kayla was in a room.  The ER doctor felt like her pain was from constipation because of all of the medications she is taking.  However, her heart rate was elevated and she’s been so weak that he was concerned that she might be anemic from all of the blood loss during surgery last week, so he had some labs drawn and gave Kayla some IV fluid.  The labs came back good.  Her hemoglobin has actually improved, which means her blood levels are getting back to normal.  We have been giving her an iron tablet every morning and it seems to be working.  Unfortunately, iron makes you constipated.  Sigh.

Five hours later, we were able to leave the ER, stopped on the way home to get a quick bite to eat because it was 9:30 by then and we were all starving.  Then we got home, I opened my birthday presents, drooled over the vegan cupcakes my husband got me, and then we were all off to bed.

We just have to keep Kayla hydrated and have her drink TONS of fluids to help her bowels move.  We’re going to keep her diet healthy.  The medications she takes make her constipated and her belly hurts a lot, but if she doesn’t take the medication, she’s in pain from the surgery.  Poor thing.  I can’t wait for the day when she is healthy and feeling normal again.  It’s going to be awhile, unfortunately.  But we’re going to do everything in our power to make her as comfortable as we can.

Today is my birthday.  Normally, I get really excited about my birthday and look forward to the year to come.  It’s hard to be excited at the moment because of the challenges ahead, but I’m going to do my best.  I’m surrounded by family, friends and a community who are the most caring, kind people in the world – I can’t ask for a better birthday present, can I?

Now….time to have one of those vegan cupcakes…..for breakfast.  Hey, it’s my birthday!  I’m entitled!

7 thoughts on “Friday night ER visit

  1. I thought of you on my long run today. I used to think if I could run a marathon, nothing was a bigger challenge. Today I thought the opposite. With things that real life throw us, running is a piece of cake…or a vegan cupcake. Take care, my friend.


    1. I think that I trained and did a marathon when I did for a reason. It has definitely prepared me mentally and strengthened me. I miss running, but I have so much going on right now that it’s just not a priority. But it’s okay. Running will be there when I’m ready for it.

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  2. I’m sorry your weekend started off so poorly. I hope the fluids do the trick. Constipation is definitely not fun. Yes, you totally deserve a breakfast cupcake on your birthday. I hope that your day is happy and that Kayla gets better quick so you can have a very happy year.

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    1. Thanks, Natalie! I ended up having a really great birthday! Kayla was having a good day and felt good, and we were able to go out to dinner to celebrate and hang out with loved ones.


  3. Happy belated birthday! In my book, there’s nothing wrong with cupcakes for breakfast…. and lunch…. and dinner…. and then dessert! 🙂 Hope Kayla is doing a bit better today; send her my get-well wishes! And stay strong! ❤

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