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Doctor visit

We had a visit with Kayla’s oncologist today. I had sent him an e-mail yesterday and asked him if he could send me a recap of what he told us when we found out Kayla has ovarian cancer.  That whole visit is a blur.  I remember hearing Kayla being told, “You have ovarian cancer” and that’s about all that my brain retained.

The doctor asked us to come in to see him again and he’d be happy to tell us everything all over again.  He’s such a nice man and after today’s visit, we are convinced that he is the right man to treat our daughter.

Here is Kayla’s diagnosis in a nutshell.  She has a type of ovarian cancer called mixed germ cell tumor of the ovary.  It’s common in young women her age, but it is extremely rare that it occurs at all.  The tumor consisted of three different types:  yolk sac tumor, dysgerminoma, and teratoma.

Treatment for this type of cancer begins with surgery in order to determine the stage of the cancer.  The doctor will do an incision that will essentially go right below the sternum to the top of Kayla’s pelvic bone.  She will have a pretty big scar.  The doctor feels really bad about this, but Kayla keeps assuring him that it doesn’t matter.  “Do what you gotta do.”  I didn’t raise my girls to be vain, and so it doesn’t bother any of us that she’s going to have a big scar after this.  Once she is opened up, she will have some lymph nodes removed which looked enlarged on the CT scan, her left ovary and uterus, along with all of her other organs, will be checked to be sure there are no suspicious lumps or masses.  Some biopsies will be done and then she will have to be in the hospital for about 3-4 days.  Then it will take about 7-10 days to get the results of pathology results.  At that time, the doctor will be able to tell us what stage she is in and a prognosis and treatment plan can be established.  He wants us to be prepared for chemotherapy treatment, as he thinks it’s likely going to be needed.

After hearing all of this, I feel a bit better knowing more.  I’ve been tempted to Google information about Kayla’s cancer, but I think I’m just setting myself up for fear that I don’t need to have right now, so I’m going to just trust what the doctor is telling us and continue to stay as upbeat and positive as I can.

I went for a run after work tonight, but I only ran for about 1.75 miles.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  I was at work all day today and I just wanted to be with Kayla, but her friends were over visiting and I thought it would be okay to go for a quick run.  I just wasn’t enjoying it, however, and cut it short.  At least I got outside alone for a bit.  Hopefully I can get in a better run this weekend.

Today was my first full day back at work since all of this happened.  I was able to get some work done, but sometimes it was hard to focus.  I wanted to check in on Kayla; I wanted to check in with my other daughter.  I seem to go from feeling normal, like nothing out of the ordinary is going on, to feeling numb, to feeling like crying.  I’m tired. But then I look at Kayla, who is zapped of energy, is still having a bit of pain, and she smiles and chats with her visitors and is being so brave, and it pushes me on.  I keep on smiling.


12 thoughts on “Doctor visit

  1. I’ve been thinking of you so much lately and what Kayla is going through. No words can express nor do I dare imagine what you, Kayla and especially you (a mother) is going through. I pray all turns out well for her and that makes you all the stronger.

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  2. Have been thinking about you all some we found out. Saying lots of prayers for your whole family, wish I could do more….

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  3. It’s so important that you’re comfortable with the doctor, and I’m glad to see you blogging. When my mom was ill, writing through the experience was really helpful.

    Continuing to send prayers. 💜

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