Food and, of course, running!

Hello!  I hope everyone had a great week!  I know that I did and guess what?  I’m officially on vacation for the next two week!  Woot!  Our family is planning a road trip, which I will tell you all about when we return.

I just wanted to post a few pics of some epic food I’ve eaten this week:

Naked Green Machine Smoothie
Naked Green Machine Smoothie

I was craving something sweet and decided to opt for this Naked smoothie in lieu of a cookie!  I didn’t regret my choice!  Love these Naked smoothies!

Fresh berries
Fresh berries

I LOVE this time of year when strawberries and blueberries are in season!  They don’t last long at my house when I get these at the grocery store!  Yum!


I love making spaghetti and “meatballs”.  These little orbs of yumminess were made from this recipe:

Cheezy beanballs

I substituted basil for the parsley and left out the rosemary (not a fan).  I also skipped browning them in the skillet and just baked them in the oven for about 12 minutes on each side.  They turned out great!

Running went well this week.  I’ve run 16.2 miles so far (with another 3 miles planned today).  I did a 10-mile run yesterday and tried 30:30 run/walk intervals that several of my running friends suggested I try after I struggled with my 20-mile run last weekend.  This was the result:


It was a great run, despite the humidity.  I was worried at 30:30 that my pace would be slower, but it was actually about 30 seconds to a minute per mile faster than the first 10 miles I did last weekend at 1:1 intervals!  I also made sure I drank water and Gatorade more frequently, and I had an energy gel every 45 minutes.  Although it was only a 10-mile run, I felt really good about it and I’m anxious to try out these things on my 22-mile run on Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “Food and, of course, running!

  1. Make sure you do the 22 miles extremely slow, especially since you’re running it almost a week ahead of schedule!! And if you have to stop at 20, that’s okay too, because remember, I added the 22 (instead of another 20) to get us closer to the 26 🙂

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