Marathon Training Week 10

This week’s scheduled training felt like a taper week, which was badly needed after that brutal 16-mile run last week!  I was able to enjoy some nice, easy runs with no speed intervals or hills.  I did a couple of days of PiYO for my cross-training workouts.  I feel recharged and ready to tackle my 18-mile run coming up next weekend.  When I first looked at my marathon training program, there didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, but now that I’m in the midst of training, the schedule makes complete sense!  There seem to be breaks just when you need them, longer runs when you’re capable.  After the 16-mile run last weekend, I honestly had doubts about whether I could do a marathon.  I didn’t get to the point of wanting to quit, but I definitely doubted my ability to run a whole marathon.  After a week of easier runs, along with words of encouragement from others, I feel like I’m back on track!  Lesson learned:  there is a method to the madness of the training program, so don’t question, just do.

My 16-mile run last week overshadowed another thing that happened – I got a new tattoo!


Isn’t she gorgeous?  I love it!

Other things this week:

Coloring!  Yes, my 19-year-old daughter and I still love to color!  It’s excellent therapy and it’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing!


Lots of smoothies this week made with kale, banana, frozen berries, protein powder, and unsweetened soy milk.



Got my training shirt in the mail for the Brewers’ Race in Milwaukee in September.  I’ll be doing the mini marathon (a half-marathon) and my husband will be doing the 10k!  I’m not a baseball fan, but part of the race course will be in the Brewers’ stadium which will be really fun and exciting!


This delicious brew is Game of Thrones Three-Eyed Raven by Ommegang Brewery.  Ommegang beers have become recent favorites!


My new office mate!  Couldn’t resist getting this little guy when I was out shopping yesterday!  He’ll join Loki on my desk at work and together we shall rule the research administration world!  HULK SMASH!


Read this book this week.  The feels from this book (sob!).  So beautifully written, yet such a difficult read as well.  How many of us have the fear of developing Alzheimer’s and getting to a point where we don’t even recognize our loved ones? At points, I just had to put the book down and walk away, as my emotions would overwhelm me.  I would definitely recommend this book, however, and gave it 5 starts on Goodreads.

That was my week!  How was your week?

4 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 10

  1. You are right! I did not understand Higdon’s marathon training but those pull back weeks were awesome and I cherished them. And it’s hard to believe I started looking at 10 miles as a short run! haha I read so much about marathon training and those 2 or so long weeks are meant to break your body down and then the shorter allows you to recover therefore building your strength. I had so many giving me advice “trust your training” and they were right even when I thought I couldn’t go further. I’m proud of you and reliving my marathon training through you! I’ve always been embarrassed to say but I color too! I color even when my grandkids are no where in sight! My husband still shakes his head at that. It calms me and I feel like a kid. I love it! ~ run on, runner girl!

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