Marathon Training Week 6

I can’t believe that I’ve done 6 weeks of training!  It’s gone really well so far, but the tough weeks have yet to come.  This week I will have a 14-mile long run, which I’m trying not to be nervous about, but for now, let’s focus on the past week.

I was pretty sore earlier in the week from the 15 miles I ran last weekend.  Massaging helped a great deal.  I did my speed work and hills this week, but chose to do PiYO on my easy run days, hoping that it would help stretch out my muscles.  It did seem to help.  Saturday’s long run was a mere 6.2 miles this week, which was a relief after last week’s 12.  According to my Garmin, I achieved a 10K PR, which was really exciting!  A 12:05/mile pace, which is around the pace I’d like to be for my marathon.

I returned a pair of shoes this week.  The Merrell Bare Access Ultras didn’t work out.  They were a bit too minimalist for me and didn’t provide enough cushion or stability, so I sent them back.  I felt a little sad, as they were such pretty shoes!  However, I love my new Brooks Adrenalins.  They provide enough cushion and stability for when I’m running on pavement.  However, they feel really clunky when I’m running on the treadmill.  My Brooks Glycerins work well both on pavement and on the treadmill, so I’m thinking about getting another pair of them.

I finally found socks which help with my blisters:


(Ignore the dog hair!)  Loving these toe socks by Injinji!  I wear them on my long runs and NO MORE BLISTERS!  Yay!  Definitely going to be ordering some more of these!

I ordered some hiking shoes for our upcoming May trip to the Grand Canyon.  Normally I just wear sneakers when I hike, but since my husband and I have been hiking a lot more, we decided we should invest in a good pair of hiking shoes.


Aren’t they pretty?  The next weekend that the weather is nice, I’ll try them out!

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 6

  1. I wish I had tried those socks! I got blisters once on the long run. I changed shoes from Brooks to Asics. Asics Nimbus is my best long run shoes. Congratulations on the PR!! Isn’t it weird that 6.2 is a short run that you don’t dread! haha I tried Merrill once and I just can’t go the minimalist at all. Keep running 🙂


    1. I thought it was my shoes when I started getting blisters and a friend of mine kept telling me it was the socks. I was a bit skeptical, since I had bought several pairs of running socks, but I was still getting blisters. She suggested the toe socks and I won’t wear anything else now on a long run! They are awesome!
      I think it’s funny how every runner I talk to has a different preference for the shoe they love! So many shoes out there; you just have to keep trying until you find the right one. I love my Glycerins for my long runs and my Adrenalins seem to make me run faster on my shorter runs. I would like to venture out and try some different shoes, though, but they have to have cushion and stability.


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