Marathon Training Week 5


This past week, I ran a total of 21 miles, including a 12-mile long run on Saturday as seen above on my trusty little Garmin watch!

This run was a great run for me.  I learned 5 important lessons during that run:

1.  I did run/walk 3:1 intervals the ENTIRE run.  I finally realized that there is no shame in walk breaks.  I’ve been playing around with intervals during runs all winter on the treadmill and a bit during my recent runs outside.  The 3:1 intervals seem to work really well.  During the 12 miles, I didn’t hit THE WALL.  Miles 8 and 9 were a bit rough and seemed to take forever, but otherwise I felt really good.  No blisters, feet and legs felt great.

2.  Morning seems to be the best time for long runs.  I’d been running in the afternoons after all of my household chores and errands were done, but I think I was wearing myself out before I even started running!  So this time I drank some coffee, ate a breakfast of fruit and granola and then I headed out and it worked out great!  Did I get anything done around the house for the rest of the day?  Um…no.  But it turned out I was okay with that!

3.  I practiced mindful running and it really, really, REALLY helped a lot.  I didn’t look at my watch and start getting down on myself about how long it was going to take me to complete the run.  I focused on the mile I was currently in, rather than focusing on how much longer I still had to go.  It was a beautiful morning and I focused on the outdoors, the music that was playing through my earphones, and felt grateful for the ability to move my body.

4.  Lemon-lime Gatorade, water, and Huma Chia Energy Gels (the blueberry and chocolate flavors) kept me hydrated during the run with no tummy issues.

5.  I felt proud of my performance, instead of dwelling on my time.  I posted it on Facebook and even though I saw folks with faster times or longer runs that day, I still felt excited about how things are progressing for me.

I’m less than three months away from running a marathon, y’all.  Wow.  I mean, seriously – fricking wow.


5 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 5

  1. Wow! What a successful long run! Did you feel better with the fueling you used? It sounds like it! 🙂

    That is great you figured out a run/walk ration that worked for you and that you didn’t crash!!!! 🙂 I do something similar on my long runs to not focus on pace – I turn my watch so that it only shows overall time! I have been doing that a lot for my long runs, since they aren’t pace focused for me!

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    1. Thank you!! Yes, I definitely felt like the gels, in addition to the Gatorate & water kept me properly fueled! Having a light breakfast before hand with blueberries, a sliced banana, granola with unsweetened soy milk seemed to keep me full enough for the run as well! I didn’t feel hungry at all during the run!


  2. I’ve always done most of my long runs early in the morning. First, it’s just more convenient. Second, I like to be used to running at whatever time of day the race will be.

    Congratulations on a great long run and on finding the method that works for you!

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  3. Isn’t it great to have that kind of run? I strive to make them all carefree without worrying about time. I fail sometimes and my body fails a bit too! haha I’m so happy for you. I run so much better in the morning also. And I have to eat before. I never eat much but I couldn’t make it if I didn’t. It’s hard to run 3 miles for me after I get off work. I’m glad the gels are working for you. I wasn’t sure if they worked or not but didn’t chance that I’d bonk if I didn’t use them. Plus I found ones I like and I like to eat! lol You know what is funny…my first half marathon I did the 3:1 run/walk and my 3rd one, I ran the entire time…and finished quicker with the 3:1 run walk! haha There is nothing wrong with walking. Some elites do that. Yes, always keep in mind that it’s one mile at a time. Run the mile you are in. Still to this day, the best advice I ever took. Once you cross that finish line, you are a marathoner!

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    1. I know, I really think I run faster doing the intervals than if I try to just run as much as I can! It may not be much faster, but it sure beats bonking when you still have a few miles left to go, right? And I’m not entirely convinced that the gels help, but as long as they don’t upset my stomach, I figure it can’t hurt to use them! And they actually taste really good! I think the chocolate ones are my favorite! 🙂
      You’re the one that told me to run the mile that I’m in and I’ll always remember that, so thank you for sharing those words of wisdom with me! 🙂

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