Marathon training begins!

Yesterday was my first day of marathon training and it started off with little fanfare.  I don’t know what I was expecting: a big fireworks display, a small parade, or perhaps a Whitney Houston-worthy version sung of the Star Spangled Banner?

Nope.  Marathon training started with an easy 3-mile run.  Tonight I’m doing 1:2 X 6 intervals to work on speed.  Impressive, right?

I think I felt more intimidated by the half-marathon training program.  Each weekend would mean tacking on an additional mile to the most miles I had run at one time.  I remember getting to that milestone mile number 10 and thinking that 10 was my limit and that I just wasn’t meant to run anything more.  Of course, the next week I ran 11 and then went on to run a half-marathon after that.

I’m running a virtual half-marathon in a couple of weeks and then the really BIG long runs don’t start until next month sometime, with a 16-mile run.  The long runs in marathon training are sporadic and don’t happen every weekend, which seems weird to me, but I know that there is a logic behind it that escapes me because I haven’t been long-distance running for very long.

I’m just going to take it one run at a time, one step in front of the other and we’ll see what happens.  I’m going to try really hard to not get hung up on my speed and how slow I still am and instead just focus on getting in the miles.  My speed will improve with time; I just have to be patient.  And even if I have to crawl across that marathon finish line on my hands and knees, I’m going to finish, no matter how slow I go.

I’m even thinking of getting this t-shirt for the race.

Words of wisdom, advice, encouragement, and support would be greatly appreciated!  I don’t think I can even fathom at this point how tough this is really going to be and there are probably going to be a lot of moments when I want to quit, when I doubt my ability to do it, and when I question my sanity.  With your help, the help of my virtual running partner, Laura, and my family and friends, I’m going to do this!


7 thoughts on “Marathon training begins!

  1. YAY for starting marathon training!!! Is that big enough fanfare for you?? The long runs are spread out so you can recover completely before adding more mileage.

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  2. If it helps, I’m planning on a trip to Holabird Sports this weekend to be fitted for running shoes so I’m getting the right ones for my feet. Can the freaking weather just thaw a bit? It took half an hour for the damn ice on my car to melt with the defroster on and my scraper.

    And I bought a running jacket at Target.

    You no run, me no run. Reading Runner’s World is one thing, but reading your blog is another.

    So hit the freaking pavement! I’m relying on you for inspiration for my perspiration!

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    1. Oh God, Patricia, nothing like putting pressure on me! LOL
      And I’m with you – I’m OVER winter!!
      Alright, chica, we’re going to run our asses off (both figuratively and literally!) 🙂


  3. I am excited to follow along with your training! lol You are right, it starts out innocent. I was running more before the beginning of my training than in the first month of training. But, I followed the program. I followed Hal Higdon Novice Marathon. I shed many tears..some of pain, frustration and joy. I do recall the 16 mile run when I broke down thinking I could not do it. I was a wreck and my husband talked me down! lol My next week was 18 and it went relatively well. I’m excited for you and a bit jealous! Right, your goal for your first marathon should just be to finish. I still smile with pride when I think of that finish line. Make sure you update! 🙂

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  4. hahaha loved the t-shirt idea.
    You’ll do great, you starting this with the right attitude.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.
    There’ll be bad days for sure, but the good make up in double for the bad ones.

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