Highlights – Week of 2/2/15

A snow day on Monday:

Snow day

Starting this series on Netflix:


Watching this documentary (available on Netflix).  The John Muir Trail has gone on my hiking bucket list!


My book group’s February selection; I started it this week and can’t put it down!


Veggie sandwich from a local coffee shop with a side of peppers for lunch (okay, almost half of the sandwich and peppers are gone, but I couldn’t wait to eat them!)


Loving the PiYO workouts!  I can feel my strength improving and it’s great cross-training with my running workouts!


Making smoothies with this new protein powder that I purchased off of Amazon.  Love the taste!  The chocolate flavor is good, too!



Marathon training officially starts tomorrow!  I get butterflies just thinking about it!  It seems so surreal.  I went from a person that could barely run 20 seconds without feeling like passing out and wondering if I’d ever be able to run 3 miles to this – MARATHON TRAINING!  Can I really do it?  Stay tuned!

What were your highlights of the week?  I’d love to hear about them!

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