The downfall of being active

We all know the benefits of being active: improved health, increased energy, improved mood, yada, yada, yada.  It’s just plain good for you!

However, being more active also means that you sometimes get injured.  Since starting running a few years ago, I’ve had three stress fractures (one in my ankle, two in my femoral neck); I’ve had foot pain, calf pain, and knee pain.  This week, I had a pain in my shoulder/upper back area; most likely from the PiYO workouts that I’ve been doing.  The pain actually kept me awake at night and I had to invest in some Advil PM to help me sleep.  I also took a few days off of working out, and the pain has greatly improved and I hope to be back to PiYO and running workouts this week.

Resting sucks, but it’s truly the best medicine when you have an injury.  In the meantime, I’ve tried to rock in the nutrition department to aid with healing.

I ate a lot of veggies, salads, and fresh fruit this week.  I also drank a lot of smoothies.  I made this one yesterday:


This one was made with a cup of unsweetened soy milk, a cup of frozen strawberries, two kiwis, an orange, and a spoonful of chia seeds.

The sun is shining right now and the temperature is currently 37 degrees, so I may go for a short run outside today.  Tonight we are finally going to see the new Hobbit movie, which I’m super excited about!  Tomorrow is a holiday, which means a 3-day weekend for me!  Yay!

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