Simply having a wonderful Christmas time!

The last week has been crazy, but wonderful!  Am I running?  No!  I haven’t run since last Monday.  Am I eating healthy?  Um….kind of….sort of…..I’m eating fruits and veggies in between servings of wine and cookies.  That counts as something, right?

I didn’t have time to send out Christmas cards this year, we spent too much money on Christmas gifts, I’ve drank more wine than I care to admit and I have yet to meet a Christmas cookie that I can say no to.

Yes, it’s a season of indulgence.  But it’s also a season to spend more time with family and friends, count the blessings that I have, and know that Christmas is only a short blip of time.

Remember the Voice that I wrote about last week?  That voice has completely taken over my life this past week.

Eat another cookie.

Have another glass of wine.

There’s no time today to get in a workout. 

You don’t want to spend time in the kitchen cooking a meal.  Let’s eat out for the bazillionth time this week.

But it’s okay.  Christmas is only a short period of time and I’m really enjoying myself.  There’s no guilt.  No beating myself up for not being more disciplined.  I’m having fun, folks. 

No worries.  Marathon training and PIYO workouts are waiting patiently in the wings.  They know that I’m coming back.

Just let me finish this plate of cookies first.


5 thoughts on “Simply having a wonderful Christmas time!

  1. I’m happy that I can live the holiday spirit through you since it hasn’t come my way this year :/ And while I have still been running every day I also have been over-indulging in cookies (see my last blog post, Lol!)…

    Merry Christmas my friend! Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we run 🙂


  2. Oh, you would have to post Tom Hiddleston with those cookies! Where was he yesterday, when I ate SAD cookies because I didn’t bring enough vegan food with me and I was STARVING??

    I went home yesterday and did 20 minutes of step aerobics in addition to my hand weights and other exercises, but damn, you know?

    Can it just be warm and sunny out already? I’m just grateful that the shortest day of the year is history.


    1. Any excuse to sneak in a video of Tom Hiddleston, am I right? 😉

      My plan was to go home yesterday after work and run, but like you, I didn’t bring enough food with me to eat for the day and so by the time I got home, I was starving! So I skipped my workout, made dinner, and then pigged out on Christmas cookies that my husband baked yesterday.

      The way I’ve chosen to look at it, though, is that Christmas only comes once a year. It’s not going to kill me to indulge over a few days, as long as I get right back on track!

      Merry Christmas, Patricia! 🙂


  3. The difference for me this year, is that I did almost none of the cooking for the Christmas holiday meals. I’ve had a house full of family for the past week – and while vegetarian options, few were healthy, light or whole. Yes, I indulged and enjoyed it. But I will say, I’m not sure I want to repeat that again next year – to that level at least. My stomach needs a recovery intervention now.

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