Winter blues

It’s that time of year again.  Cold temperatures.  Dark outside when I leave for work in the mornings, dark outside when I get home from work.  The holiday season is here, so there are lots of parties, lots of shopping, lots of eating, and lots of drinking.  How is a girl who loves to run outside in the sunshine, is a bit of an introvert, hates shopping, hates crowds, and is surrounded by people who love to indulge in unhealthy eating and alcohol supposed to cope?

Well, I’m struggling at the moment.  Since running a half-marathon in October, I’ve gained 10 pounds.  I’ve been running a few times a week, but no long runs.  Although I’m still eating vegan, I’m not always making healthy choices, and my portion control is way out of control.  I swear, when it starts to turn cold, I switch to hibernation mode and I just want to stuff my face all…..day……long.

To be honest, I’ve been having quite the little pity party for myself.

BUT NO MORE!  I’m putting a plan in place and I’m getting back on the healthy track!

I’m starting by ignoring that stupid scale!  My clothes aren’t fitting any tighter, so I’m not sure I want the number on the scale to dictate my mood.  I’ve been doing more strength training, so it could be muscle that’s increasing my weight.  I can wish, right?

I’m reaching out to others online.  I may feel isolated, but I have to take advantage of all of the online support that I get from others who are going through the same thing as me.  Isolating myself and feeling alone is the worst thing that I can do.  I just need to talk to others, vent, ask advice, and look to others when I need motivation.

I found a marathon training program that is 24 weeks long and will start at the end of December.  That’s only a few weeks away!  A training program keeps me disciplined and I’m so excited to start!

I may not be able to always eat the right things, but I’m going to at least make sure that I eat more fruits and veggies, more grains and beans.  I need to put more salads back into my meals and more healthy smoothies!

Finally, I’m doing what I can to embrace winter.  It’s hard.  I’m a summer person.  I love being outside in the sunshine, feeling the warmth on my face.  I have plenty of cold weather running gear, but it’s dark in the mornings when I wake up and it’s dark when I get home at night.  I don’t like running in the dark.  Call me chicken, I don’t care.  So I run on the treadmill and watch episodes of The Blacklist on Netflix while I run.  I also run outside on the weekends, as long as there is no snow or ice on the ground.  Otherwise, outside is a place I only go to for short bursts of time.

If anyone else struggles with this time of year, I’d love to know how you cope!  Do you change your diet during the winter months?  What things do you do to make winter more fun?


8 thoughts on “Winter blues

  1. I’ve been struggling too. Also gained 10 lbs since sept when I was running regularly, and did my last half. Since I am not running nearly as much due to short dark cold days and a busy school schedule I’ve had to cut down how much I eat by a lot….which sucks because i love baking and eating 🙂 I also hate being at the gym on the treadmill so I’ve been cross training more and just doing a run or 2 on the weekends. I’m with you on not wanting to run in the dark, but I also can not do a long run on the treadmill. I try to change into my gym clothes in front of the space heater, or sleep in my gym clothes, because I am a wimp and taking off my coZy sweats for a gym outfit is painfully cold in my trying to save $ cold a$$ apartment! Haha. I’m also planning on using my local pool to swim laps…it reopens in jan, because the gym gets boring and my number of runs is wAy less then what I was doing in the summer. It helps to run with a friend outside, you can both suffer through the freezing temps together, or do a group run, it lightens the mood. 🙂


    1. I wish I had someone to run with, but I don’t. 😦 Luckily, the short days will only last for a couple of months, so in the meantime I’ll just be a slave to my treadmill! 🙂

      It’s really scary how quickly the pounds pile on after you’re done training, isn’t it? Holy moly! I’ve had a really hard time getting used to eating less again. Marathon training can’t come soon enough for me!


      1. I also tun alone, lots of my friends are runners, but they all live 1 hour or more away 😦 so i try to convert everyone I know to be a runner, haha so far no luck!


      2. Ha! My family and friends all think I’m crazy for running so much! I think I might have my youngest daughter convinced to start training for a half-marathon that she can do while I do my first marathon, but we’ll see what happens with that!


      3. I live in a small town in the rural midwest and no one to run with locally, but I did some research and found two running clubs within an hour of me. An hour drive for a run is a bit of a pain, but I make an effort to join them most weekends for a long run. I’ve made so many great friends in this group – and having someone to run with on the long runs makes that drive worth every minute of it!


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