What I miss about being in training

Hello!  It’s been awhile since I last blogged!  Things have been very busy for me at work and so I haven’t had much time to focus on anything else.  Also, I’m not training right now, so I don’t have much to talk about.  No one wants to hear about a boring 3-mile run, right?  Which is about all I’ve been doing these days….

I’m not currently training for any races, which feels really weird to me.  For the first week or two, I enjoyed not having a running schedule.  If I missed a day of running, I didn’t stress about it.  Five miles has been the longest run I’ve completed since I did my second half-marathon about a month ago.

I’ve realized something over the last several days, though.  I really, really miss being in training mode.  Here’s what I miss:

1.  Seeing the number of miles I run go up each week.  As it is right now, I’m running about 10-12 miles a week, which doesn’t sound nearly as impressive as 20-25, does it?

2.  My Sunday long runs.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really do.  I miss waking up on Sundays with that feeling of both dread and excitement at the thought of running a big number of miles.

3. Post long run pancakes!  Pancakes don’t taste nearly as good when you don’t work for them.

4.  Pancakes are just the start.  I miss eating whatever I want because I’ve been running enough miles to justify the extra calories.  Since I stopped training, I’ve gained 5 pounds.  No bueno!

5.  I miss having a goal.  I’ve realized along this running journey that I need goals to keep me motivated.  If I have nothing to work towards, I lose interest and it’s a struggle to put on my running gear.  I’ve tried other workouts just to mix things up and I don’t love those workouts like I love running!

So here’s the deal:  at the start of the new year, I’m training for a marathon.  I don’t have a marathon picked out yet, but I’m looking.  I really want to starting training like TODAY, but realistically, with holidays approaching, I know that this won’t go well.  So I need a goal in the meantime.  I’ve decided to do a holiday running streak.  I tried this last year and failed, so this year I’m trying again.  Basically, starting today, I’m going to run every day.  The requirement is to run at least a mile every day.  If I start today and end it on January 1st, that’s 50 days in a row I will have run.

Having goals makes me stay on track!  Plus, having a goal during the holidays will hopefully keep me from gaining a bunch of weight from overeating.

How about you?  I’d love to hear about your goals and plans for keeping the holiday weight gain at bay!  Or just about any new fitness goals that you have?

6 thoughts on “What I miss about being in training

  1. Yes, food tastes so much better when we feel that we’ve earned it. NO guilt involved then!

    I am setting a couple of goals, one being fitting back into my gray skinny jeans.

    I am also beginning a new DVD workout this weekend to go with the yoga blocks and resistance bands I’m using.

    I want to begin the New Year feeling lighter and looking it. Success breeds success.


  2. Yay! Marathon training!! I’m hoping that you’ll be able to keep me accountable so I don’t bail for the 3rd time! It seems like once I hit 15 miles, I either get injured or burned out (or freaked out maybe?!). Ready for a sneak peek at our training schedule? You know I’ve had it sorted out and ready to go for a while now 😉


  3. You are I must be twins! I just wrote about missing training also. 🙂 I miss the structure, the discipline, the miles piling up….and yes, pancakes! lol I am happy you are going to be training for a marathon! A great experience and so much to learn about yourself and all of it not good! Keep me updated on which one you pick. 🙂 I will be doing another one next year also. My bucket list is Big Sur! 🙂

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  4. Pigging out just for the sake of it isn’t the same as when you do it after a long workout or race. Food tastes different.
    My last official race of the year will be a 5km on 12/15, after that nothing till February 8th, but I’ve entered a half marathon on Dec. 21st, we’ll see how it goes.
    Have a nice weekend!

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