The Walking Dead


I’m officially caught up with the series, The Walking Dead.  For the past couple of weeks, my family has done nothing but watch Season 4 on Netflix.  Much to our dismay, we don’t have AMC in our cable channel line-up, and so we had to wait until last night to watch the Season 5 opener online.  Hey, whatever it takes, though, to stay caught up.  I LOVE this show!

Speaking of The Walking Dead: I felt like a zombie yesterday one day after the half-marathon I ran.  I was so TIRED.  I haven’t felt that tired since I started running, so I figured my body just needed rest and that I would take a few days off of running.

HA!  Rest?  Rest is for wimps.  Today I woke up feeling completely back to normal, and I even signed up for another race this weekend.  I couldn’t help myself!  It’s a 4-mile race for a really great cause and it’s local so I don’t have to travel.  I texted my daughter this morning: “We running tonight after work?”  Still haven’t heard back from her, but I’m probably running with or without her.

After all, I have to stay in shape in case we have a zombie apocalypse, right?

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