From a PR to a bad run.

On Saturday, I ran in a 5k race and ran my fastest 5k yet.  It was a great run!  Yesterday, I was supposed to run 12 miles.  It was a hot day yesterday, and I didn’t get out until after 10:00.  I could tell as soon as I got through the first couple of miles that it wasn’t going to be a good run.  From mile 2 on, I struggled.  I’m not even sure what it was.  My legs felt fine.  I didn’t feel out of breath.  But I just felt….meh.  No energy.  Because it was so warm, I thought I was dehydrated, so I was drinking Gatorade and water.  I ate a couple of dates (my version of energy gels), but that still didn’t help.

I finally stopped at 7.5 miles.  It just wasn’t happening.

How is it that I can go from running 11 miles the week before feeling great, to setting a new PR on Saturday, to having an absolutely crappy run?  It’s almost like starting over.

I didn’t beat myself up too much about it, though.  I think a lot of it had to do with what I ate both Friday and Saturday.  Lots of processed foods, not a lot of fruit and veggies.  In fact, last week wasn’t a very good week of eating at all.  I’ve lost my focus on proper nutrition.  I think by Sunday, the poor eating caught up with me.

Plus, the temperatures have been nice and cool recently, and yesterday was really warm.  Perhaps my body just didn’t adjust well.

Who knows?  Maybe it was just a bad run.  Everyone has them, right?  But when will I ever get to that point that even on a bad run day, I can still manage to chug out a long run?

Today is Monday, and it’s reboot time.  This week I want to eat healthy and prepare for a 10k race that I’m doing on Saturday.  I have to just move past yesterday’s run and focus on Saturday.  I’ve got this!

“Bad workouts and races — we all have them and we always will. Accept that the body has an ebb and flow that we don’t quite understand. Some days you just feel ‘off.’ As hard as it is to accept a bad workout or race when there are valid reasons, it’s doubly challenging when there appears to be no reason at all. I used to worry about this, but now I just shrug it off as the quirkiness of the body and mind. Don’t invest in it or over think it. Move on.”
-Greg McMillan, in Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes

9 thoughts on “From a PR to a bad run.

  1. Don’t beat yourself over it.
    Our body has a weird way to recover from different efforts.
    It happens to all, 2 weeks ago I went for a 10 miles workout. Did the last 10km under 48 minutes, 2 days later couldn’t walk 5km under 26 minutes and feeling horrible.
    I pigged out when I got home and forgot the bad workout. Nothing that gluttony doesn’t solve lol
    Have a nice week!

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  2. Yep, everyone has those kinds of days! Congrats on the 5k 🙂 Just focus on the positive. I really wanted to take advantage of the warm weather this weekend, but unfortunately came down with a sore throat and thought I’d better sit it out instead… so then I ended up eating ice cream to make myself feel better 😛

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  3. That could have been me writing that post! It has happened to me so much that I worry that I won’t be able to run the marathon. One day, I can run a long run with relative ease or at least tolerable pain but then I can fail on a 8 mile run. I, like you analyze what I ate the day before etc. I try to find a reason but I think sometimes there is no good reason to have a terrible run. So what you are experiencing, I think, is common when you run a lot. Try not to let that get in your head and it is easy to do. Just look to the next run and forget that bad run. But, I have learned very important things on bad runs. Run on, runner girl!

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    1. Charlotte, I think that’s the big worry, having a “bad run” on the big day! The bad runs are so unpredictable sometimes, that my confidence is shaken! I can be running for weeks and not have bad runs and then BAM! I’ll have a set-back and I start doubting myself. You know what I’ve noticed, though? Even the bad runs seem to get better each time. It used to be that I wouldn’t have been able to push myself through miles after hitting a wall, but now I can.
      Since posting this, I’ve heard from several people that they had a bad run yesterday, also, so maybe it was just a bad day all around for those of us trying to run during the unseasonably hot weather we’re having right now! 😛


  4. That’s a great quote at the end. Bad runs can be the weirdest – all the elements are there and it’s just like there is no wind for the sails. Awesome that you pushed through, and I hope your runs this week have treated you well!


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