Weekend recap

I love the feeling on Friday afternoons when the work day has ended and the weekend starts, don’t you?  I started out my weekend with a Bob Harper DVD workout.  Nothing like spaghetti arms and legs that feel like they’re on fire to start a weekend!  Friday night dinners usually mean going out to a restaurant or getting take-out food.  On this Friday night, my husband and I had take-out Chinese.  I got the usual mixed vegetables with garlic sauce.  I was so hungry after my workout that I ate almost the entire carton of food!

It was also Redbox movie night.  We rented Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.  I love Chris Pine, and I love that Kevin Costner is having a movie comeback!  I liked the movie a lot; it was full of action and suspense.

Saturday was grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry day.  Yay.  I hate doing all of those things, but you gotta have food to eat, clean workout clothes, and a handle on the dust bunnies, right?  Just have to suck it up and get the things done that have to be done.

On Saturday night my husband, youngest daughter, and I had dinner at Panera and went to a movie.  Since I knew I had a long run the next morning, I didn’t want to eat too much, so I had a bread bowl of black bean soup with a side of more bread.  I figured I should load up on the carbs!  Then we went and saw the much anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy.  OMG, I LOVED THIS MOVIE!  It was funny and action-packed; everything that you expect from a Stan Lee/Marvel Comics film!  Bradley Cooper was brilliant as the voice of Rocket and Chris Pratt is my new Hollywood crush!  He was awesome in the movie!  And the soundtrack?  One of the best I’ve heard in a long time!  And you know what else I discovered?  That it is possible to go to the movies and not have popcorn, candy, or even anything to drink!  I’ve always thought it was impossible to resist watching a movie without popcorn and/or Mike & Ike’s, but I didn’t want to risk eating these things and have my stomach be upset the next day for my long run, so I didn’t have anything.  And guess what?  I still enjoyed the movie.  Eureka!  Saved us some money, too!  Win!

Sunday morning was an 11-mile run, according to my half-marathon training program.  I ended up running 11.1 miles.  The run went so much better than the 10-mile run the week before!  Last week during the run, I felt really tired after about 5 miles and really had to push myself mentally to do the run.  Afterwards, I was having doubts of whether or not I’d be able to run a half-marathon, and it took several days to recover from the run because I felt really sore and tired.  However, yesterday’s run was completely different.  I felt really good for most of the run (maybe it was the carb loading the night before?); I didn’t hit a wall at any point- I knew I was going to be able to complete the run.  I felt sore afterwards, but today I woke up feeling really rested and I don’t feel sore at all.  Most importantly, instead of dreading the fact that I still have two more miles to add to my long run in order to get to a half-marathon, I’m feeling positive and excited that I’ll be able to do it!

What was different yesterday than last week?  I’m not really sure.  As I mentioned, perhaps loading up with carbs from the bread and protein from the black bean soup the night before helped?  I added some new songs to my running playlist and the songs really helped me get my second wind when I felt tired.  Otherwise, I’m not really sure what else could have been different.  Ten miles was a hurdle for me, so perhaps accomplishing that milestone really boosted me mentally.

I’m not going to analyze it too much, though.  I’m just going to enjoy these last two weeks of training until the big day arrives on the 31st!

The rest of yesterday was spent enjoying the outdoors on the back patio with cold beer and the company of my husband and daughter.  Yep, life is good!

“Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.”
-Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner


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