My new nemesis: blisters. Boo.

Sorry, I should have warned ya, huh?  Caution:  ugly feet up ahead!

This is what my feet looked like after my long run on Saturday.  It was supposed to be a 10-mile run, but I called it quits after 7 miles.  My feet were killing me and I foolishly chose early afternoon during the hottest, sunniest part of the day to do my long run.  No fun.

I’ve received TONS of advice from other runners, friends, family – thanks to all of you!  And while I appreciate the well-intended loved ones who are advising me to stop running for a while and rest my feet, I’d like to just say, SHUT UP.  (And I love you)

Here’s the deal: there is a half-marathon that I intend to do on August 31st, blisters or no blisters.  I’d prefer the option of no blisters, so for all of you out there with your suggestions, please know that I’m trying everything.  Something is going to help, I just haven’t figured out what yet, but I will.

Here’s some positive news:  in July, I ran a total of 76.59 miles, my highest monthly total to date!  I don’t think a goal of 100 miles in August is out of my reach, so I’m striving for that.

Also, our dog Lillie is on the mend and feeling better!  I can’t tell you what a huge relief that is!  I’ve been so incredibly worried about her and it was really affecting everything else around me.  It was hard to focus or do anything because all I could do was worry about Lillie’s health.  I didn’t even want to run because it was too hard being away from her, even for a short 3-mile run.  Now I can run without having to worry about her!

Finally, I just wanted to share the meal I had on Saturday at my 30th high school class reunion.  While everyone else was enjoying their prime rib and chicken dinners, I got to eat this:

vegan meal

A rice pilaf topped with grilled zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, and spinach.  It was YUMMO!

And then I proceeded to drink too much wine and dance until my feet felt like they were going to fall off!  But HEY!  I had such a fun time!

2 thoughts on “My new nemesis: blisters. Boo.

  1. You made me spit coffee at the monitor when you said to SHUT UP! Lol! I get those nasty blisters too, but I just keep on running and they seem to diminish during the week – then come back after Sunday’s long run. Although, after going back to my Brooks yesterday I only had one small blister after 10.something miles 🙂

    So happy Lillie is doing better!!!


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