Running is all about the shoes….and socks.

One of the first lessons that every new runner learns is that it’s important to have a good pair of running shoes.  When I first started running, I scoffed at the idea of paying $100 for a pair of shoes.  I quickly learned, however, that you can’t run properly in a pair of generic tennis shoes that you purchased at a buy-one-get-one-free sale.  Damn.

I recently paid $150 for my latest pair of running shoes.  I’ve drunk the running-is-all-about-the-shoes Kool-Aid, and I’m an addict.  But that’s another blog post for another day.

Somehow along this running journey, however, I missed the tip about socks.  More specifically, how it’s not a good idea to wear cotton socks.  You know, the soft, cushy socks that feel like pillows on your feet.  Until recently, I’ve loved my cotton socks.  But then I did my first 8-mile run, and I decided that I would break in my new $150 pair of running shoes.  Five miles into my run, I developed blisters on the bottom of both of my feet and I thought that it was from my new shoes.  However, over the next couple of weeks, I noticed that I was only getting the blisters on my long runs, so I didn’t think it was my shoes.  But it can’t possibly be my soft, cushy cotton socks that feel like pillows on my feet, can it?  Say it isn’t so.

It’s so.  When my running partner, bless her heart, found out I was wearing cotton socks to run in, she demanded that I stop what I’m doing RIGHT NOW, and get some different socks.  So yesterday I went online to look at running socks – the kind that breathe and absorb moisture so that your feet stay dry and don’t develop blisters.

They were $17.  $17?!?!?  For a pair of socks?!?!?!?  And I’m probably going to need more than one pair.  Good grief.

On Friday, I will suck it up and buy me a good pair of running socks.  I’m signed up for a 7-mile race on Saturday, and I definitely don’t want to get any blisters during that race.  I may even buy me a couple of pairs.

Because running is all about the socks, right?

6 thoughts on “Running is all about the shoes….and socks.

  1. I know this feeling. When I first started running, I could not believe the initial investment needed for runners. But it’s so important. I actually have two pairs to alternate between. Now that i’m building up my distance, I’m afraid I will also have to suck it up for those $17 socks.


  2. Unfortunately, it really is true. And once you wear the “special” socks, your cotton socks will no longer feel so wonderful, and so you will end up buying more of the “special” socks to wear ALL THE TIME! Let me see if those Zulus are still on special… brb!


  3. We are lucky in the UK, we have two German stored (Aldi and Lidl) which occasionally stock running gear. I buy most of my stuff from them and I’ve got countless pairs of good quality running socks and compression socks. When a stock is due in the running forums start to buzz, so I know that the gear is rated. I’ve never had a blister in 5 years of running or lost a toe nail and my running friends think I’m a freak because of that! Running gear doesn’t have to cost a fortune – I guess you just need to know where to look.


  4. I worked at a running store for several years. Socks are everything- and yes, $15 for a pair of socks is SO worth it. I started out as a Balega lover and then converted to a Feetures lover (specifically the Elite Ultra Light) and I’ll never go back to another brand. Ran a marathon in them, no blisters, chafing, or movement. Best socks ever!


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