3-mile recovery run

Can you tell that my life right now is all about the half-marathon training?  It’s amazing how addicting running can become.  The more I run, the more I want to run more.

Yesterday I posted about the 8-mile run I had on Sunday.  To date, it’s the farthest distance I’ve gone.  I was pretty wore out for the rest of the day, and had a couple of blisters on my feet, so I thought that perhaps I should take a rest day on Monday.

I talked to my virtual running partner, Laura, who helped set me up with this training program.  I told her that I was tired; that I wanted to take a rest day.  She told me that running a short recovery run the day after a long run is important because it keeps your legs moving.  Ugh.

I arrived home from work and put on my running gear, telling myself that I would do what I could.  I wouldn’t worry about pace or distance.  I would just try to run the 3 miles and I’d stop and walk whenever I needed.  Well, let’s just say that my virtual running partner knows her stuff.  I not only ran the whole 3 miles, but the run felt good, my legs felt good, and really the only thing that bothered me were the blisters on my feet that had developed the day before!

I’m pretty happy that today is a scheduled rest day, however.  🙂

And thanks to my virtual running partner, Laura, for keeping me on track!

2 thoughts on “3-mile recovery run

  1. You flatter me too much *blush* !!! Lol! I do know exactly what you mean about more running making you want to run even more! For a while there, I was running every day except Saturdays, and then sometimes I would also do brief runs/sprints on Saturdays just to test out an app or gadget 😉 Since cutting back to 3-4 days per week running, my running has actually improved though! Rest days really are important 🙂 You are doing so great! I hope that you’ll continue onto full marathon training with me after the half!


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