Saturday dinner

Dinner last night was fabulous!  I tried a new veggie burger recipe from one of my favorite websites, Produce on Parade.  This veggie burger is a tahini edamame burger.  Instead of frying them in a pan, I baked mine at 375 degrees, about 12 minutes on each side.


These burgers have a great flavor, and they held together really nicely.  Not too mushy, not too dry.

I also threw together a vegan potato salad.  I had some leftover cooked yellow potatoes and so I cut them up and made a dressing out of vegan mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, malt vinegar, onion powder, and dill.  So yummy!  I also made a salad with sliced cucumbers, sliced onions, rice vinegar flavored with garlic, pepper, and agave nectar for a bit of sweetness.  So good!


My husband and I finished Season 3 of Game of Thrones last night.  I’m still reeling from Episode 9.  Those of you who watch this show know exactly which episode I’m referring to.  Gut wrenching.  Season 4 isn’t out on DVD yet, so now I want to finish book one and move on to the other books so that I can find out what happens.

I have an 8-mile run planned today. If I’m able to do it, it will be the farthest run I’ve ever done!


2 thoughts on “Saturday dinner

  1. How funny – I also made veggie burgers and potato salad last night! I’m about to take Lucy for her walk and then I’ll decide if I’m doing my 8 outside or on the treadmill. It’s supposed to be 91 with thunderstorms here today – ick! Can’t wait to hear how your run went!!!!


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