What I learned from my Facebook sabbatical

Thank goodness a 3-day weekend is coming up!  It has been a crazy week!  Lots of busy projects going on at work, our oldest daughter moved to her own place, and I’m still trying to catch up from being on vacation last week.  This chick is sticking around the homefront this weekend, spending some quiet, relaxing time with the hubby, doing laundry and housework, and getting in a nice long run.

A few days before I went on vacation, I decided to take a break from Facebook (you can read about it here).  I missed it – a LOT.  I felt out of touch with people, particularly those friends who I only communicate with via Facebook, mainly vegan friends who I’ve met through social media.  I missed seeing posts by my virtual running partner, I missed seeing vegan recipes that others were posting, I missed seeing what workouts others were doing.  I missed not being able to talk about our Florida vacation as we were experiencing it, so much that I ended the sabbatical a couple of days before our vacation ended because I just couldn’t stand not posting stuff!

What I didn’t miss, however, was the drama.  People’s complaints.  People’s ranting.  The political stuff – okay, if I’m really being honest here, the political stuff posted by the extreme conservative folks.  But most of all, I didn’t miss the photos of abused animals.

During the days of my sabbatical, it was so much easier to stay positive, to look at life through rose-colored glasses.  To remain optimistic and feel like there is lots of good in the world.

Sure, that’s a pollyanna, naive way to go through life, I suppose, but for me,  I noticed that I function better when I try to stay away from the negative stuff.  I know that there is horrible stuff out there happening in the world, but if I don’t focus on the good stuff that’s going on instead, my heart won’t take it.  It will break and there will be no coming back.

Being too melodramatic, maybe?  Perhaps, but it hurts to see others hurting.  It especially hurts to see those who can’t help themselves, who aren’t given a chance to fight back, that hurts me the most.  It hurts me to my core.  It hurts when other living beings depend on us to take care of them and instead are neglected, or beaten, or killed for meat.

So I try not to dwell too much on the stuff posted on Facebook.  I celebrate my friend’s latest workout accomplishments, or “like” the vegan recipes they post; I smile at pictures posted of family vacations and new births, and laugh at funny memes.  I acknowledge the posts about animals being abused and slaughtered.  I know this is happening, and I’m doing my part to end it by not partaking in it.  I ignore the political debates, and most of all, I’ve learned to ignore or delete the bacon comments on my wall.

From my sabbatical, I learned that Facebook has more positive aspects for me than negative.  I’m just changing the way I use it a bit, but otherwise, it will continue to be a social media tool for me.  I choose to use Facebook to post positive, inspirational things, and hopefully through that positivity, I can influence others to be more loving, more giving, more compassionate.

And yes, vegan.  🙂

2 thoughts on “What I learned from my Facebook sabbatical

  1. Good for you. I find that FB works best when I stick to stuff that isn’t always “this sucks.” There are a couple of pages I unfollowed because there is always stuff that sucks. I enjoy FB for the good things, though. I just friended someone who sent me a FB message. She isn’t vegan, but she’s lost a lot of weight and seems a nice, positive person. I’m always looking for those. Anyone who has lost weight and is working to keep it off/take more off is always someone I have at least something in common with.

    I keep an eye on positive affirmation pages because I NEED that stuff. There is enough in this world to drag me down if I let it, so I won’t.

    I am glad you had fun, and I am glad you are back. 🙂

    I’m hoping to book my NJ shore vacation on Monday, too. 🙂 I know of at least one vegan place in the area, and I can always grocery shop while I’m there as I’ll have a kitchenette. And I have NO problem about asking a vegetarian place to veganize a dish for me.


  2. Generally, Facebook is my happy place. I try to steer clear of negative, harsh and whining posts. I share lots of donkey pics☺️. I like to have fun there, and you wouldn’t believe how many times I click on “I don’t want to see this”. I’m glad we’re Facebook friends😃❤️


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