6 Places

Today’s 10-day You Challenge is 6 places, so I’ve chosen to talk about 6 places that are on my bucket list to visit:

1.  Farm Sanctuary in New York.  My dream is to one day win the lottery and be able to build my own farm sanctuary to save abused, neglected, and injured animals.  In the meantime, I’d love to visit the original farm sanctuary and perhaps volunteer.  Spending a day with cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals?  Sounds like the perfect day to me!

2.  Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.  This is like the Disneyland for book lovers, am I right?  I’ve been to Washington, D.C. several times, but never made it to the Library of Congress.  What is wrong with me???

3.  Italy – I don’t know where, I don’t care.  I’ve always wanted to go there, and one day, my husband and I will go there for the honeymoon we never had!


4.  The Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Village, AZ – I haven’t visited the Grand Canyon before, and now that I’m hooked on hiking, I’d love to be able to hike the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

5.  New York City, NY.  Broadway shows, vegan restaurants, a run in Central Park, shopping – I want to do it all!


6.  London, England.  I’m a huge fan of British television – Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Downton Abbey are some of my favorite shows.  Perhaps I’d catch a glimpse of the TARDIS or Benedict Cumberbatch?  Yes?  Besides, Happy Cow listed London as one of the top 5 vegetarian/vegan friendly cities in the world!


There are lots of other places I’d love to visit:  Canada, Alaska, Australia, the Bahamas, Portland, Seattle and Jamaica are just a few.   So many places, so little time, but I’ll try to get to as many places as I can!  Allons-y!


7 thoughts on “6 Places

  1. I’ve been to NYC many times and lived in London. I’m hoping to visit the Statue of Liberty this summer. As far as DC goes, well, I live an hour’s train ride away and now that the MARC train is running on weekends and it’s a very reasonable fare I can go more often. I’m planning on going to the Jefferson Memorial and the newly reopened Washington Monument this 4th of July weekend–and yes, the Library of Congress is still on my list. You come to DC, I’ll take you to a couple of excellent vegan eateries–your hubby will think he’s eating meat!

    And yes, I want to do the Grand Canyon, too. I just hope my fear of heights won’t keep me from experiencing it to the fullest.

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