Staying on track when your life is complete chaos!

My daughter’s graduation ceremony and party is in 9 days. 9 days….I hyperventilate a little bit every time I think about it.

I love to plan parties and love having parties, but I’m a complete wreck until the party actually starts. I want everything to be perfect. I want all of the guests to walk away thinking that they had just been to the event of the year. No pressure, though.

In the meantime, I’ve had little time to work out. This week I managed to squeeze in a 3-mile run, and that was simply because I felt like if I didn’t run (it had been six days since my last run), I was going to go postal on someone. Not good. Running = happy me. Not running = grumpy me. Last night I worked out with a Bob Harper DVD. Today I’m feeling the burn from that brutal workout, but I feel good knowing that I did at least a couple of workouts this week.

I’ve also been focusing extra hard on eating healthy. I knew that I wouldn’t have time to exercise as much and so I’ve been loading up on the healthy plant-based foods. Smoothies, salads, fresh fruit, and veggie-based soups have been my meals this past week. Hopefully I can keep it up for the next week and then my life can finally get back to normal once graduation is over.

The half-marathon training program I want to do for the race I’m doing in late August will start on June 1st, which will be perfect because things will slow down in our household by then.

I guess the moral of this blog post is that despite how crazy things may get in your life, you can still manage to stay on a healthy track. While it would be easy to give myself permission to eat whatever I want and not get any exercise because my life is a bit chaotic right now, I’ve chosen not to. I’d feel like crap if I do that, and why would I want to feel like crap during one of the most momentous occasions of my life – watching my youngest daughter graduate from high school and start a new chapter of her life?

Final note:  I’d also like to give a shout-out to Game of Thrones.  You have given me a much-needed escape during this crazy time in my life.  My husband and I finished Season 1 and will begin Season 2 this weekend.  I also started reading the first book of the series.  I’m obsessed.  It has been a wonderful distraction when I find myself getting overwhelmed with things.

6 thoughts on “Staying on track when your life is complete chaos!

  1. Good for you, for staying on track, both food wise, and physically. My life motto in every situation is, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Visualize that, and you’ll find that it never does happen. All will go smoothly.
    P.S. I’m watching the entire series of BONES on Netflix. I’ve only got another 170 episodes to go!


    1. I’m working on the getting worried and anxious about stuff I have no control over. I’m learning to ask myself, “Is this life or death?” The answer is most likely going to be NO. This party is definitely not a life or death thing. It’s going to be fine, no matter how much or little I fret about it.

      I’ve watched a little bit of Bones in the past and I really like that show. I think it would be fun to watch it from the beginning! Enjoy! 🙂


  2. I’ve had the same kind of week, but for different reasons. I overdid it last week and my body had enough by Sunday. And I also ate enough to negate extra calories burned. Yesterday I went for a long walk and felt so much better emotionally and physically. It was the best I’ve felt in over a week. I’m still doing my fitness challenge but I had to forego some of the exercises because of my fatigue level. I’m looking forward to doing them tonight.

    The important lesson for us both is that we are back on track. I’m planning on borrowing a resistance band workout DVD tomorrow from the library so I’ll have a new workout to try on days when I can’t walk. I’m proud you were able to get a run in and I hope you can run the day before and/or of the party to get yourself in a zen mood. And I’m sure the party will be fine and you’ll be blogging about how much fun it was afterward.

    And GoT? I’m going to have to wait a bit to start because I know it will rule my life once I start watching it–I’m a completist, for better or worse. I’m already gearing up for House of Cards Season 2 on DVD for my next DVD binge.


    1. Walking, as well as hiking, are such a great low-impact form of exercise on rest days. I think it’s not only because you’re moving without really stressing your joints and muscles, but also because you’re outdoors in the fresh air.

      I think you’re right about fitting in a run the day of the party. It would definitely help my mojo!

      House of Cards is on my to-watch list. Perhaps I’ll watch it once I’m done with GoT!


  3. Watch the original House of Cards that was done in Britain some time ago. It is a trilogy and every minute is stellar!


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