I’m blogging!

I can’t believe I finally have my own blog!  I’ve followed so many blogs over the years and by doing so, I’ve been educated and inspired.  As someone in her social circle who is the ONLY vegan and the ONLY runner, I have often wondered if I could use blogging as a tool to educate and inspire others. So here I am. Now what? I often get lots of questions about what I eat as a vegan.  I also get questions on how I started running.  I hope that I can steer people to this blog and be a resource for anyone who is interested in a plant-based diet or running. I’m also a huge nerd and I love to read!  I also love movies and TV that involve Doctor Who, comic book heroes, zombies, Star Trek, and Star Wars.  Being a nerd fuels my passion for life, I think, because it helps me dream of possibilities in life, and it also helps me escape when life isn’t being so nice. Finally, this blog will be used as a platform to talk about things that I sometimes don’t feel like I can talk about in my daily life: the cruelty that animals go through, the sadness I feel when I look at our planet and how we humans have abused it…..things that are hard to talk about with others because I don’t feel like debating or arguing.  I just want to be free to be myself and to express myself.  I think this blog will give me the courage to do that. I can’t wait to share my adventures. Allons-y!

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